"I would like anyone to buy from Northbank Autospares as there were very helpful and gave me a very good price on a wing mirror, very happy with their customer services."

Paul"(Yorkshire) 2017

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5 stars


We want our customers to rate our products and it is really important that we have your feedback on our exterior car parts. It will also help our potential customers with how good that ratings are on are parts. At Northbank Autospares it is really important that we meet our customers expectation and service that there deserve, So once you rate our car parts we can then put this on our listings so that we and our future customers can have good understanding. 

Even if you want to give us your feedback via email we can then update this rating of our products. As we understand our customers privacy and security so if you feel you want to rate products then it simple and easy just fill the form above and we will update this as per our listings. 

We only list our rating on parts if we have your consent without your consent we will not update any ratings. Also it will not disclose any information about you or the parts you have ordered. It is just to know about a particular parts. 

So we request our customers to please rate our products so that it can help us give you great service and quality products. We want to you to have your say if for any reason you are not happy with the product then rate it.  

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