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Replacement wing mirrors:

Always worrying when parking car outside our houses or a trip to a shopping centre, Especially when our roads are narrow and cars coming through opposite way. It can easily be clipped or damaged, So it is really important that you have wing mirrors in working conditions as your driving always depends on your observation on roads in front and rear of the car, Wing mirrors are actually known as door mirrors however in old days there were located on the wings of the cars. So people just call it for generations wing-mirrors however it is actually called as door mirrors, It comes in a different shapes and sizes, In old classic cars, it was matching to the glass with a fantastic chrome finish now in modern days you will find mostly made out of aplastic and glass. 

Majority of modern cars comes with an electric motor within the wing mirror itself and a heated element which helps to clear water when it is raining, With new modern cars there are inbuilt with indicator lens, mostly with led lights. It is really important to have a working wing mirror whilst driving mainly on a motorway during changing lanes. So if you have a damaged wing mirror or clipped then be safe and careful as it really important to have working wing mirrors within a car. 

We sell a wide range of wing mirrors for car manufacturers like Audi, Ford, Vauxhall, Nissan and Peugeot. If you need any further information then please contact us.


"Thank you Northbank Autospares for been a great help in finding me my new Peugeot 206 wing, I was struggling to find the matching colour wing, Finally purchased locally with great service, Got a matching colour, I would definitely buy from them again and also recommended any of my friends and family."

"Mike" (Blackburn) 2019 

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